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12 years warranty

Free shipping

1. Order transport box

Order the free shipping box in our online store. Our boxes are custom made exclusively for herman miller chairs. You will fit your chari easily in the box.
2. Box up the old office chair

Every paket will have a manual of how to box up the chair.

3. SeatSwap will collect for free

Get in touch with us and find a date for collecting the old chair. This collection is free of charge for you.


4. Receive your discount

For ONE old chair sending to us, you will get a discount for ONE new chair in our online shop

The amount of the discount depends on the type of chair you send back to us. Here is an overview:

    40% for your Herman Miller AERON / EMBODY
    30% for your Herman Miller MIRRA / CELLE / SAYL
    20% for any other Herman Miller chair
    10% for any random office chair

After arrival of your chair you will receive your individual discount.


5. Order new Herman Miller chair

Now it is time to go for the new one. Order through the online shop or get in contact with us directly. We will be glad to help you with the order.


Do you have questions? Please contact us!