Which setu size is right for me?

The setu comes in one size, that is designed to fit at least 95% of the human population.


What are the exact dimension of the setu?


Do I need hard floor casters?

If you have parquet, tiles, laminat or any other kind of hard floor, it is urgently recommended to order hard floor casters. You will profit from the following advantages:

+ less abrasion on your floor

+ lower noise when rolling

+ casters have a break which releases when you sit on the chair, no unwanted rolling around


Are there further options to configure my Setu?

YES. In our online shop you will find only an extract of the possible configurations. You will find all options available in this pdf document:

HM Setu colour choices


The term 'kinematic spine'. What does it mean?

The core of Setu is the Kinematic Spine, a combination of two simple polypropylene materials that are precisely engineered to achieve instant comfort. You are fully supported the moment you sit down, and the spine bends and flexes to your every move. With no tilt mechanism and only one adjustment (height), chair components are minimised.


Is there a 12 year guarantee for the setu?

Herman Miller offers a 12 year warranty for the setu. This guarantee promise is made for a 24/7 usage.


How do I adjust my Setu?

The kinematic spine of the setu renders adjustments unnecessary: