Human Engineering

Human Engineering





Human-Centered Design

Designed to support your back while you work. The TriFlex backrest is pliable and elastic, effortlessly accommodating individual sizes, postures, and micromovements. The passive PostureFit feature keeps your lower back properly aligned, so that you stay relaxed and alert and don't slouch when you're leaning forward or working at a computer.



Get a Good Seat

The AirWeave suspension seat distributes your body pressure evenly and keeps you cool. It adjusts itself as soon as you sit. The FlexFront seat edge ensures that there's never a gap between the seat and back - it adjusts the depth of the seat without moving the seat pan - so that spine support is always there for you.

The patented Harmonic tilt mechanism keeps resistance consistent throughout the recline range, which means you always have a smooth and balanced ride and are always in control. It allows your body to pivot naturally at the ankles, knees, and hips.



A Design Full of Holes

In a good way. The one-piece, frameless backrest is a polymer pierced with 567 geometric shapes to create three flex zones. Each zone provides an appropriate level of flexibility for the right ergonomic support and natural adjustment. Mirra's durable material maintains its strength and responsiveness over many years.